Deion Branch: Did the Seahawks Keep the Receipt?

Deion Branch

Deion Branch, photo credit

It looks as if Deion Branch may be headed back to New England. And no, New England won’t be returning a 1st round draft choice.

I’ve never been an ardent Branch hater like many. The guy came to Seattle, suffered a freakish stretch of injuries and was never able to get it going in the limited time he spent on the field. Combine that with a poor offense and he never really had a chance to shine like he did in New England.

Honestly, the rumor is a bit baffling. Thus far, Pete Carroll has done a pretty masterful job of walking the thin line between making moves to keep the Seahawks competitive in 2010, but also adding pieces for the future. By doing this, he’s kept the “r” word (a clue: it rhymes with ‘mebuilding’) out of the media’s coverage of the Seahawks, a word that’ll do things like torpedo demand for season tickets, repel high profile free agents, among other things.

But this trade would most likely fetch a 5th round pick at best (more likely a 6th or even a conditional 7th), considering Randy Moss fetched a 3rd from the Vikings and Marshawn Lynch cost the Seahawks a mere 4th (what a steal, eh?!).

Unless Carroll truly believes he’s got what he needs in Mike Williams, Golden Tate, Ben Obamanu, Deon Butler and the newly acquired Brandon Stokely, this trade will make the Seahawks offense worse if a player isn’t received in return, either in exchange for Branch or in another trade that somehow hinges on the compensation of a successful SEA/NE trade.

Losing the Seahawks’ most experienced (and likely talented) receiver does not make them better right now. And a late round draft pick is highly unlikely to become an effective player in the future. Unless this trade is meant to acquire another player, I see little benefit for the Seahawks.

And although the Seahawks should be focused on nothing but the ‘r’ word, I’ll be honest: it’s kinda nice being competitive and winning with tough teams.


About Nick

I'm a guy that loves the Seahawks far and away more than any other team in any other sport. I live in Seattle, I'm married to the perfect woman, I work in marketing and I'm nearly into my 30s. Scary. Find me on Twitter talking #seahawks @nandron.
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7 Responses to Deion Branch: Did the Seahawks Keep the Receipt?

  1. Tony B. says:

    I think most fans in Seattle realize it’s a rebuilding year even without it being said. With so many changes being made in the off season how could it not? However I still like to be competitive even in rebuilding and would hate for us to just throw away this season in favor of rebuilding. I think the fans will come either way. Todd Liewiki was a genius about turning the games into an “Experience” and I believe his successor wants things to remain that way as well, so that even if the team is losing the seats are still filled.

    • Nick says:

      You’re right, Tony. I like the moves we’ve made to keep us competitive now: signing Brock, Pitts, Milloy, Stokely and other veterans that’ll both help us win and mentor our young guys.

      And the price we paid for these guys have been little to nothing, so we haven’t mortgaged the future. I have approved, thus far!

  2. B Doggy says:

    Deion is the man! Please send him back to Pats for conditional 7th rounder

  3. Godric P. Kingsley says:

    Sell Deion Branch back for a lobster dinner. You could even throw in some Seattle’s Best coffee to complete the deal.

    It’s not like he’s a big playmaking stud. Let New England have him, and this is coming from a Jets fan.

    • Nick says:

      He may not be a big playmaker stud, but he’s a solid Wide Receiver that the Seahawks need if they want to win games. Losing him and receiving a 5th or 6th round pick does not make us better. The only exception would be if the pick were used to receive a proven player now.

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