Stuntin’, Stuntin’ is a Habit

Jay Cutler

Get comfortable, Jay. (Credit: Jose M. Osorio/Tribune)

Now is a good time for the Seahawks defense to get creative. Aside from the ‘nuts and bolts’ pressure schemes (insert obligatory “blocking and tackling” metaphor) the Seahawks seem to execute quite well, some creative blitz schemes could be very effective this coming week against the Chicago Bears. The Bears having been playing a bit of musical chairs at the Offensive Line position this year. Against the Seahawks, they’ll be playing with their fourth consecutive different combination of lineman. Obviously, this is great news.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to any NFL fan with a pulse. Everyone, including the Bears offensive line itself, sacked Cutler into oblivion week 4 against the Giants. In fact, I’m pretty sure that was the Giants’ punter’s first career sack.

In any case, it appears that starting left tackle Chris Williams is back, but will play at left guard in the position vacated by LG Roberto Garzo (who will undergo arthroscopic knee surgery). Veteran right tackle Frank Omiyale will continue to play at left tackle, with 7th round rookie J’Marcus Webb again at right tackle. Red Bryant is audibly salivating at the sound of that.

The Bears offensive line is far from gelled, and creative blitz schemes could create confusion and result in pressure and hopefully sacks, throw-aways or even picks (insert obligatory Jay Cutler interception stat). The Seahawks have employed a number of creative blitz packages this year. Here’s what I’ve seen:

  • We’ve seen Chris Clemons and Brandon Mebane execute a number of stunts (Clemons’ being the more effective)
  • Aaron Curry used as an edge rusher aside Chris Clemons, with mixed results (the better results coming in more recent games, which is promising; it looks like Curry is starting to get it)
  • Safety blitzes employing Bad Bones (Lawyer Milloy)
  • Weakside linebacker blitzes using David Hawthorne (that boy is QUICK)

Yeah, yeah – the Seahawks aren’t good on the road (insert obligatory blah blah blah). But the trend will turn around some point. Don’t let the Bears’ misleading W-L record scare you. With a shaky offensive line, a panic-prone quarterback and a poor passing defense, the Seahawks are about to play one of the most winnable road games all year. Play hard, guys, and come back home 3-2!


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I'm a guy that loves the Seahawks far and away more than any other team in any other sport. I live in Seattle, I'm married to the perfect woman, I work in marketing and I'm nearly into my 30s. Scary. Find me on Twitter talking #seahawks @nandron.
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3 Responses to Stuntin’, Stuntin’ is a Habit

  1. The Ryan McClintock says:

    The more and more our D gets comfortable with Carroll’s scheme the better. Clemons and Curry side by side should continue to produce, and Curry NEEDS to get it with the paycheck he gets. Should be dam fun, sir.

    • Nick says:

      I’m not so much worried about Curry as I am our secondary. The D-line has been doing a good job of pressuring, Curry included. The secondary, however, has been allowing faaaaar too many completions and conversions. We need Thurmond and Thomas to get better and quickly. A lot of this defense is on their shoulders, and that’s a big gamble for Carroll to take. They’re not reading plays well enough, and often getting beat. Thomas can save himself with his speed, but it’ll be nice when he can recognize the play and instead use his speed to compete for the ball or make a play instead of cover for blown coverage.

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