Could Chester Pitts (finally) be Ready?

Chester Pitts

Chester Pitts has yet to take the field for the Seahawks. Could this be the week?

For the first 3 games of the season, with Russell Okung out, the Seahawks have kept three tackles on the active roster: Tyler Polumbus, Sean Locklear and Breno Giacomini (a practice squad body poached from the Packers).

Okung came back, eventually embarrassed Julius Peppers in Chicago, and all was looking quite peachy. It was a short ride. During the first drive in the Arizona massacre, some asshole who can’t execute a cut block rolled onto Okung’s ankle, and he’s once again out with another high ankle sprain (this time other foot, and much less severe). But it’s a sprain nonetheless and it’s unlikely he makes it back for the game in Oakland. You don’t mess with high ankle sprains, minor or not.

After the game, Chris Henry was released and his spot was filled with Breno Giac—- wait, Quinton Ganther? So we’re sticking with two active tackles? Maybe not. To me, this move telegraphs two things:

  1. Michael Robinson’s injury is more than minor and will cause him to miss time, and
  2. Chester Pitts, who has played Left Tackle, is finally ready to play.

Granted, GRANTED, it’s still early in the week. It’s Tuesday: the players customarily have the day off. They’ll hit the field for the first time on Wednesday to practice execution of whatever brilliant plan the coaches have conjured up to prepare for Oakland.

But still, the move is interesting. Ganther has been on the street for a few weeks now, and obviously has garnered little attention from other teams. If the coaching staff felt that the tackle position lacks depth, they’d have re-signed Giacomini to ensure depth for the game. But they didn’t, they chose to sign him to the practice squad, instead, and sign Ganther to the roster.

Will we see Chester play on Sunday? This could be the week.


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