Week 8 Injury Aftermath (Hint: Starts with “I” and Ends with “R”)

Red Bryant Helped off the Field

See ya next year, Big Red. Rehab the hell outta that knee.

It looks like the Seahawks’ loss to the Raiders was more costly than just the L.

The Seahawks have placed both Red Bryant (knee) and Ben Hamilton (severe concussion) on Injured Reserve. The former is a pretty big deal, the latter will likely lead to a more effective replacement in Chester Pitts; let’s hope he’s ready.

Red Bryant was one of the keys to the Seahawks’ dominant run defense. His ability to stuff the tackle and hold the right edge of the line not only made life impossible for running backs trying to scurry off right end, but also set up strong side pass rushers. In the last two games, the Seahawks have been pretty ineffective against the run, but I’d place that more on the absence of Brandon Mebane. With a fully healthy line, opposing offenses have had very little luck running the ball. Losing Red is a pretty big deal.

Ben Hamilton suffered a severe concussion and will be replaced by Chester Pitts. Ben, and the offensive line in general, has been mostly ineffective this year. It’s hard to place blame on any specific player, but I’ve seen Hamilton easily handled by athletic 4-3 defensive tackles. He struggled against the Rams, Cardinals, and Raiders. This could spell the end of Ham Fighter’s career: he’s 33 years old and will be 34 before next season. Good luck, Ben.

In addition to these two moves, the Seahawks have also waived corner back Nate Ness and running/fullback Quinton Ganther; defensive tackle was also signed to a two year contract. With the likely return of both Kelly Jennings and Walter Thurmond, Ness is easily expendable. Expect him to be re-signed to the practice squad. The release of Ganther could mean two things: Michael Robinson could be near ready to make a return Sunday versus the Giants, or he just plain up sucked when trying to play fullback against the Raiders. Judging by the running game’s level of success on Sunday, I’m going to bet $20 on the latter.

Expect more moves. After today, four players no longer count toward the roster, and only one was added.


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