Can’t catch a break (observations from Sehawks pre-season game week 2)

I really am sorry for Matt Flynn. He looks the part of starting NFL QB, he does what is asked from him, he delivers, yet everyone instead goes ga-ga over Russell Wilson. Not only are two of his very well-thrown touch downpasses either dropped (Owens) or caught out of bounds (Tate), he’s got “the most popular NFL player in town”, aka the backup QB, as Russell Wilson – the athletic, NFL-smart phenom from Wisconsin breathing down his neck. I don’t envy his situation. OK, that was a blatant lie; I do envy the $20+ million he’ll make in the next three seasons.

Like last week, you’re going to get my thoughts in bullet form. Sorry. I think.

  • Despite being an almost complete non-factor in the game, Terrell Owens looks like the WR on the Seahawks team that can most easily separate from his defender and get open. The result of most of the plays he was targeted appeared to be miscues with Matt Flynn – like what most have said already (sorry, I was at a birthday part on Saturday and was unable to watch the entire game live, but couldn’t stay away from the post-game analysis before I watched it first-hand), he simply looked unfamiliar with the offense. When I saw his drop (the game was live, while a bit drunk), I said he’s getting cut. After watching it sober, for a second time, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. A few weeks of practice with Flynn and T.O. could easily become the Seahawks’ most effective receiver. Sorry, Sidney.
  • That said, boy was his drop ugly. I’ll chalk it up to nerves and the situation. That said: he does that again, and he WILL be cut. That kind of drop is inexcusable, especially when you’re Terrell Owens.
  • Three bullets on dropped TDs. Depressing, eh? Well, not so much: Jacob Tamme dropped an almost sure TD pass at the end of the second quarter. Consider it karma – T.O. dropped a sure TD, so it was time for a Denver receiver of some kind to follow suit. You know: make the universe even. The throw was a tad behind him, and the motion of his body wasn’t moving into the end zone but out of it. Regardless, he probably would have been able to get the ball over the plane. BTW – if you have a DVR, watch that play: It was a ~10 yard pass, and it Peyton made it look like he was trying to throw the ball to the moon. The analysts can say what they will – his ‘laser’ medium-game delivery appears long gone. I saw way, way too many ducks to believe the guy is close to 100%. The guy is 36 after all.
  • Breno Giacomini is playing his way into my top 5 favorite Seahawks players. He’s nasty. And I really like it. I’m tired of high-character halos being drafted. This is the NFL, not band camp.
  • Russell Wilson yet again looked like Russell Wilson. Odd how that happens all the time. This game he made a number of plays from the pocket, but he also ran the ball a lot. The latter part of the sentence I hate. When Tarvaris Jackson made a play with his feet in the 2011 season, the result was a torn pec. Russell may thrive playing against poor NFL talent, but those kind of plays (the running plays that end in a violent tackle) need to end before I’m convinced he’s ready to start. He’s not a slight QB by any means, like Michael Vick, but I’d also wager he won’t make it 16 games with that kind of style. NFL starting defenses are too big and too fast for a guy his size.
  • That said, I’m INSANELY excited for the day Russell Wilson wins the starting job and takes his first snaps in pre-season. If anything, he’ll be exciting as hell to watch.
  • The starting defense yet again showed its propensity for turnovers. I’d actually give them FAR more credit for the turnover that Red forced than the duck that led to an interception by Jeron Johnson. I don’t want to take anything away from Johnson; it was a good play. But those kind of passes are VERY few and far in between in the regular season. The turnover forced by Red Bryant looked like a regular season turnover.
  • Winston Guy may not even make the practice squad, and that bums me out. He looked to me like Richard Sherman version 2.0. But then he started two fights in practice. Then he defensed a pass in pre-season game one that was called P.I. (which it was), and then let his guy get past him not once, but TWICE to block a punt in pre-season game 2. If you’re a late round pick that will 100% won’t start, you’ve got to be freaking BRILLIANT on special teams; Winston was the polar opposite of brilliant.
  • Curt Menafee might be one of the worst color commentators I’ve ever had to listen to. At 10+ mistakes in this game alone, I stopped counting. Her are a few of my favorites: he called Tyrell Sutton “Tyler Sutton”. In a sideline interview, Curt Menafee tells Kellen Winslow that until playing for the Seattle Seahawks, Kellen never had the chance to play with a blocking tight end, like Zach Miller, that opened it up for Kellen. His reply? “No, that’s not true; I’ve played with great blocking tight ends my entire career”. And last but CERTAINLY not least, Curt referred to Knowshon Moreno as “Marshawn Moreno”. I realize that Curt’s job isn’t an easy one, but boy does he screw up on some of the dumbest shit.
  • Marcus Trufant won’t make the starting roster. When he’s playing with the third string defense about 3 minutes from the end of the game (and not looking brilliant), his time is up. And that makes me sad.
  • The best play Wilson has made all season was his 25+ yard completion to Anthony McCoy down the seam on 3rd and 17. Wilson made a beauty of a throw (from the pocket, by the way) and placed it perfectly for McCoy to receive and take to the ground. The second best play was probably the 30+ yard completion to Kearse near the end of the 4th quarter: another beautiful throw from the pocket. Wilson isn’t the ideal size, but I’ve seen the guy make a number of great plays from the pocket. It’s hard to deny him any credit.
  • Despite his flashiness and effectiveness, I stick to Flynn as the starter. He’s poised, calm, incredibly accurate, and makes the right decisions and yet somehow keeps the chains moving. All the while playing against 1st string defenses. Today, he showed me two deep balls (that both should have been caught for TDs) that were perfectly thrown. I’ve seen enough: make him the starter and let Wilson learn for one season at the very least. Taking first string reps for the next three weeks prior to the first regular season game will be more reps than he’s taken so far in pre-season. He will markedly improve.
  • There’s a lot of things we dont’ know about the Seahawks. But one undeniable truth: Pete Carroll loves the shit out of Russell Wilson. And Russell is likely his ticket to continued employment. If for whatever reason Russell does not succeed as a starting NFL QB over the next 2-3 seasons, expect that to be the main reason the Pete Carroll era ends in Seattle.

That’s probably enough for now. I’ll be backpacking staring Friday morning, so I won’t be able to watch and break the game down until Sunday. Until then! Go Seahawks


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I'm a guy that loves the Seahawks far and away more than any other team in any other sport. I live in Seattle, I'm married to the perfect woman, I work in marketing and I'm nearly into my 30s. Scary. Find me on Twitter talking #seahawks @nandron.
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3 Responses to Can’t catch a break (observations from Sehawks pre-season game week 2)

  1. 12thmantime says:

    I’m not sure what more Golden could’ve done to catch that pass in the end zone, I don’t know Flynn could’ve put anywhere else really either it seemed to me there just was not enough field to come down with the pass but if anyone was to blame for that pass not being a TD it certainly wasn’t Golden Tate

    • Mujiba says:

      Golden had every opportunity to get his feet down, and plenty of real estate to do it. In fact it looked as if he was going to for half a second, but his feet floated and his body shot down first. He should be getting his feet down, especially in the end zone. The pass was gorgeous where only he could snag it.

      • Nick says:

        The last replay showed it all – the moment Golden caught the ball, the defensive back put two hands on Tate’s lower back and shoved him pretty far, thus continuing his ‘air-time’ and making it impossible to land in bounds in any way. Good play by the DB.

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