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I'm a guy that loves the Seahawks far and away more than any other team in any other sport. I live in Seattle, I'm married to the perfect woman, I work in marketing and I'm nearly into my 30s. Scary. Find me on Twitter talking #seahawks @nandron.

Three Keys to Send ’em Packing

So here we are. It’s Monday afternoon, and we’re about 5 hours or so from kickoff. I took the day off, slept in, ate bacon, got coffee. The usual stuff on what feels like a weekend morning. I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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At will (Observations on Seahawks pre-season game 3)

“At will” is the phrase I’ll use to describe this game. The Seahawks scored at will, both on the ground and through the air; they stopped the Chief’s offense at will, and dominated on both sides of special teams at … Continue reading

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Can’t catch a break (observations from Sehawks pre-season game week 2)

I really am sorry for Matt Flynn. He looks the part of starting NFL QB, he does what is asked from him, he delivers, yet everyone instead goes ga-ga over Russell Wilson. Not only are two of his very well-thrown … Continue reading

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Keeping the Powder Dry (observations from Seahawks pre-season game one)

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I miss it terribly and I’m going to start writing again. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and writing something worth reading takes time. As I get older, free time becomes more and … Continue reading

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Trent Richardson and the Seattle Seahawks’ Pickle

Pickle is a quite the versatile noun, isn’t it? It can be a synonym for a person’s head, a challenging problem or situation, the male sex organ, and of course a cucumber preserved in a pickling liquid. No, I’m not … Continue reading

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Singlehandedly Wrote a Blog Post (and Week 3 Musings)

Typing with one hand sucks. I’m after a little sympathy; so what? Just a personal, making-eye-contact message to you: NEVER look away when cutting an onion (or anything for that matter) with a very sharp knife. Seriously. Don’t make me … Continue reading

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Why the Packers Must Prevail

I will get to yesterday’s unbelievably mind-blowingly awesome game soon. But first, I must attend to more important matters. It’s imperative for the Seahawks that the Packers beat the Eagles today. Here are three reasons why: 1. Next week’s matchup. … Continue reading

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