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Singlehandedly Wrote a Blog Post (and Week 3 Musings)

Typing with one hand sucks. I’m after a little sympathy; so what? Just a personal, making-eye-contact message to you: NEVER look away when cutting an onion (or anything for that matter) with a very sharp knife. Seriously. Don’t make me … Continue reading

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Seattle Seahawks Finally Win in Arizona, and Convincingly

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Arizona Cardinals are no doubt knee deep in a depressing week. And knowing that feels so, so good. The Seattle Seahawks, over the past two seasons, have resembled but a minor bump on … Continue reading

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Seahawks 22, Cardinals 10; Can You Hear Me Now?

Max Hall showed his age when he made some rather unwise (read: completely idiotic) pre-game comments when asked about playing at Qwest Field. So, Max, aside from your undoubtedly bleeding eardrums, have you heard the phrase “shit the bed”? Well, … Continue reading

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What Rhymes with “Live and Shoe”?

Hint: a very attainable Seattle Seahawks win/loss record after a week 8 ‘bictory’ over the Oakland Raiders. I just can’t bring myself to say it aloud. Or type it. I can’t. And don’t you DARE do so yourself. You’ll break … Continue reading

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