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Likely a Low Scoring Affair

So the Seahawks travel to the second biggest joke in the NFC West. Boy, what a team in shambles. The San Francisco 49ers have SO. MUCH. TALENT. Hats off to Alex Smith and Mike Singletary for making such a talented … Continue reading

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Where The Seattle Seahawks Have Improved

The 2010 Seattle Seahawks are a biopolar team. And that’s not good for us fans. One moment, we’re likely inflicting permanent damage to our vocal chords, the next we’re ready to drop a toaster into a bathtub full of water. … Continue reading

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Oakland’s Biggest Strength is the Seattle Seahawks’ Biggest Weakness

The Seahawks face off with the Oakland Raiders on what’s likely to be one of the more entertaining games of the season. Sure, the Raiders and Seahawks had quite the rivalry going when they shared the same division, but that’s … Continue reading

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